Create powerful & responsive landing pages that generate leads in minutes

You’ve created a product or service to solve a problem. You didn’t create a product or service to spend hours building landers, clicking back and forth between analyics apps and plugin folders on your hard drive. With LanderPage’s powerful landing page software, you can create many variations of the same webpage in minutes, test the results using A/B testing, and discover which works best. All are easily accessible right from your dashboard.

Multi-Purpose Theme Builder 

Build your landing page, thank you pages, and other pages alongside one another. LanderPage lets you easily create responsive versions of your landing pages. Save time and choose from our prebuilt sections that you can easily drag and drop onto any website or landing page. Landerpage gives you a title, logo, and a call to action on the top of your page, and leaves the rest for you to fill in. 

Precision Editing Tools

Just drag, drop, click, and type to customize your website, landing page, and opt-in forms. No coding or high-tech skills are required. LanderPage also makes responsive, mobile-friendly landing pages and website templates. Get your free account and start designing in minutes!

Simple & Intuitive Lead Management

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Effortless Domain Hosting & Forwarding

We have developed software that will allow you to collect leads and orders from any website. It will work completely invisible from the user and will help you to receive those leads and orders and  You can easily download a .CSV file of your collected leads. LanderPage is the simplest way to collect leads and orders for your business. 


What our clients say

We are happy to report that we are trusted by 1,000’s of users all across the world and we always welcome feedback and are happy to share our client’s success story with our software.

We tried other online web page builders but kept coming back to LanderPage because of the flexibility and ease of use. Plus, we’ve integrated it with several other applications and it’s easy to run reports and see real-time stats. The support team is also great – they always get back to us quickly and go out of their way to make sure we’re happy.


Stevie Smith

I use LanderPage for my affiliate marketing business. It is an affordable option that has helped me to get organized and stay on top of my leads. I also like the fact that everything is done for you, and it takes away a lot of the custom coding you might need to do. I’m not a developer myself, but even I was able to customize the template without any problems.


Micah Martin


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Landerpage lets you easily create responsive versions of your landing pages. With Landerpage, you can build multiple versions of a page in minutes—all within one builder! And with our powerful editor, you don’t have to be a pro to build landing pages that convert.